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RealVNC is very pleased to be working with your organization to provide technical and commercial information on our VNC Connect remote access product in support of your current project. To address your needs, we created this custom project page that contains a summary of the resources you requested, and also information on other subjects that we feel you might find helpful. Confidential or sensitive commercial information will never be hosted on this page, but sent to your project contacts directly.

VNC Connect security information

At RealVNC we take product security very seriously, and have deployed a rigorous security architecture for VNC Connect that is supported by our structured product development and testing processes. The information below is a summary of our security principles, architecture and processes. As this is a complex subject area, we would be pleased to arrange a conversation with our security team to answer any specific questions you might have.

Customer references

RealVNC remote access software is used by thousands of people every day, all over the world. Our users come from a very wide range of industries. We wanted to share some of these case studies with you for your consideration. As it happens, we are in the process of getting sign off on a brand new case study from a company called Arup. They are a global architectural and civil engineering company deploying our software on 17,000 computers across their organization. While they do not operate in the same industry, there are many parallels with your proposed project so we wanted to share this draft case study. Do let us know if you would like to speak directly with our contact at Arup and we can request a phone conversation.

Customer success stories

Our customer case studies explain how organizations are using VNC Connect to reduce the cost and risk of field service activities, minimize downtime, and improve the quality of supporting remote computers and devices. These compelling stories detail remote access strategies that also support regulatory obligations and create compelling new revenue opportunities.

Customer Success Stories

G2 Crowd Reviews

Customer reviews of our remote access software can be found on the independent technology evaluation website, G2 Crowd.

RealVNC reviews sourced by G2 Crowd

VNC Connect product information

This section contains the standard VNC Connect product brochure, a product guide that compares cloud and direct connectivity, a business paper that offers advice on the selection of remote access software, and a list of supported platforms.


Other RealVNC products

In addition to VNC Connect, we also offer our remote access technology as an SDK and have a dedicated team focused on screen sharing and telematics solutions for connected car applications.

VNC Developer

RealVNC also offers our remote access and screen sharing capabilities as a Software Development Toolkit (SDK) for integration into 3rd party products and applications. Sold through an OEM licensing model, our VNC SDK is used across a wide range of industries, including consumer electronics, healthcare, banking, fleet management, retail, manufacturing, and managed service providers.

Learn more about VNC Developer

VNC Automotive

Since the conception of the connected car, RealVNC has been at the heart of this exciting technology revolution. Working with suppliers, automobile manufacturers and industry bodies, we have played a key role in defining industry standards such as MirrorLink and developing in-car entertainment and telematics solutions around the world.

Learn more about VNC Automotive

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The RealVNC contact for your project opportunity is Richard Petitt. He can assist you with any questions you might have regarding the content on this page and arrange for you to speak with product or technology specialists within RealVNC. Please use Richard as your primary point of contact for all enquiries.

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