VNC® Viewer Plus

Out-of-band remote access for the Intel® vPro™ platform

Save time and money by remotely fixing complex OS and boot problems, and energy by remotely powering systems up and down.

The out-of-band capabilities of Intel Active Management Technology can help the average business convert more support incidents into simple remote fixes, thus saving time and money.

Hector Llorens, Intel vPro Platform Manager

A collaboration with Intel Corporation...


About Intel vPro

The Intel vPro platform powers notebooks, desktops, workstations and other computing appliances that are 'ready for business'. 

The latest generation processors and optimized architectures improve performance, management, security and stability for business devices.

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About Intel AMT and KVM

Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) enables IT managers to reduce the cost of discovering, repairing and protecting networked assets. 

With VNC-compatible technology from Intel  embedded directly in the vPro chipset, remote Keyboard-Video-Mouse (KVM) control is possible even when the asset is powered off, or has no functioning operating system.

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About VNC Viewer Plus

VNC Viewer Plus is a fully-featured VNC client from RealVNC for secure remote connections to Intel AMT devices. All the latter needs is a functioning network card and trickle power from a plug socket or battery

Power an Intel AMT device on remotely, stay connected throughout the boot sequence, configure the BIOS, share installation media in order to boot a new or repair an existing OS, and more.

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Frequently asked questions

What versions of Intel AMT are supported?

VNC Viewer Plus can establish connections to vPro systems running Intel AMT versions 6 through 11. It is not currently possible to connect to Intel AMT version 12. Full requirements.

Are remote access sessions secure?

You can encrypt sessions end-to-end using TLS or Mutual TLS to defend against connection snooping, man-in-the-middle attacks, and packet-tampering. More.

How do I license VNC Viewer Plus?

It is now no longer possible to purchase new licenses

How do I set up Intel AMT on the remote computer?

Please note that Intel AMT requires considerable setup; see the Intel resources available from this page. It is also possible for the hardware OEM to disable Intel AMT, so you should ensure the system you buy or build supports this management capability.

Is VNC Viewer Plus compatible with VNC Connect?

No. VNC Viewer Plus connects to VNC-compatible technology from Intel Corporation, embedded directly in the chipset of vPro systems. It cannot connect to the VNC Server program that is part of VNC Connect, nor can it communicate with RealVNC's cloud service.

How do I get started?

As the product has been discontinued, you can no longer subscribe to it.

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Simply download VNC Viewer Plus to the Windows computer you want to exercise remote control from.