Remote access made to help small businesses... stay in business

Get the flexibility to work from anywhere for the price of the cup of coffee

With VNC Connect work is a verb, not a place

When COVID struck, many SMEs had to adapt fast to overcome the struggles presented by the pandemic, and fighting to stay in business.

VNC Connect has been there from the start to lend a hand, and keep small businesses connected and more productive than ever before.

Get the job done safely, from anywhere: with VNC Connect work is a verb, not a place.

Don't pay a premium for features you don't need


Fast and affordable

Prices start from $3.39 per remote device per month


 No IT heroes needed!

The software is easy to install and intuitive to use


Safe and Secure

Fully encrypted to keep your business protected

Reliability and cost makes us the prefect match for small and large businesses alike

Here's how we are helping thousands of small businesses like yours:

Elk River Public District case study

How a small organization is using VNC Connect to help the business thrive away from the office during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Choosing a remote access solution for small businesses

Feeling overwhelmed by all the remote access options out there? Here’s short guide about what you need to consider when looking for a budget-friendly solution that matches your needs.

How can small businesses benefit from remote access

There’s plenty remote access software can do to help small businesses succeed. Read all about it in this blog

See why other small and medium businesses love VNC Connect

Connect to a remote computer anywhere in the world, watch its screen in real-time, and take control as though sitting in front of it.
With VNC® Connect you and your remote staff can be more connected and productive than ever before.

Using VNC Connect helped us increase our productivity when providing remote access support to our clients. It’s never been better!

- B Glenn Cleveland, President, Micro-2 Inc

B Glenn Cleveland, President, Micro-2 Inc Read the case study

Deploying the software was easy for everyone involved and made it seem as though we were right there in the same room as each of the players!

- Walker Keene, Founder, Azimuth Digital

- Walker Keene, Founder, Azimuth Digital. Read the case study