What makes VNC Connect unique?

VNC Connect greatly increases ROI by providing the business benefits of remote access to every department in your organization. It's so much more than a tool for your IT support team.

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VNC Connect


VNC Connect is designed for your entire organization

Scalable-icon.pngIt's scalable

VNC Connect provides cost-effective remote access to every computer in your organization. Once a computer has been licensed, anyone with adequate permissions can access it from anywhere.

Most products charge per user that can remotely take control of the computers in your network. This is awkward and expensive to scale up, restricting deployment to just your IT support team.

Unlike some, we never limit the number of concurrent connections your team can make. This means everyone can enjoy the benefits of remote access without being forced to wait their turn.

Accessible-icon.pngIt's accessible

VNC Connect offers intuitive remote access that anyone can use. While there’s plenty of administrative functionality under-the-hood, users of all levels instantly feel at home with our streamlined software.

Many products are bloated by complex functionality designed for specific users. This restricts the benefits of the software to a single department. Instead, we focus on making remote access simple, secure and accessible to everyone.

VNC Connect is designed to enhance - not replace - the tools already in use by different departments in your organization.

Every department should benefit from remote access

  • Your IT support team requires fast, secure remote access in order to provide technical support and coaching to the rest of your staff. VNC Connect excels at this compared to other products on the market for the following reasons:

    Concurrent connections are never restricted. Everyone in your IT support team can use remote access whenever necessary, and will never be forced to wait for a colleague to finish a connection before establishing one of their own.

    Any device can freely take control. Only the computer receiving a remote connection must be licensed. This gives members of your IT team the freedom to use whichever device they have to hand, even when away from the office.

    Connections can be made directly or via the cloud. Both connection methods offer a whole host of advantages, and VNC Connect is unique in offering fully-fledged support for both. For more information, see our whitepaper on Cloud versus Direct connectivity

    Specialist helpdesk software is enhanced, not replaced. Other products are bloated by an abundance of helpdesk functionality, which can go ignored if the IT department uses specialist helpdesk software. VNC Connect works alongside your existing software, expanding its capabilities with simple and secure remote access.
  • It is increasingly common for staff to spend time working away from the office. VNC Connect allows these employees to remote in to their office computer, using any device which runs our free VNC Viewer app.

    Imagine a member of staff is working at a customer site, and needs to alter a file or access a resource back in the office. VNC Connect allows them to remote in to their office computer with their phone and send themselves the output. This saves time for your employee and improves customer service.

  • Your employees must be proficient with the software they use. But sometimes it’s necessary to upgrade this software and train new staff. Without remote access, this is expensive and time-consuming.

    Imagine you've rolled out new software and only the line manager has had full training. VNC Connect streamlines the rollout process…

    Day one: The line manager provides guest remote access with view only capabilities to her computer, and walks users through the new software. Her team use text chat to ask questions, which she answers using real-time visual demonstrations.

    Short-term: The team leader remotes in to employees’ computers for real-time support. VNC Connect is perfect for this use case as it is not bloated by unnecessary helpdesk functionality designed for the IT Team.

    Medium-term: The team begins to understand the new software, and can provide remote support to each other. This allows the line manager to concentrate on other important aspects of her job, while empowering her team to collaborate and learn together.

    VNC Connect makes the tricky process of rolling out a software upgrade far simpler. Everyone’s time is used efficiently, the quality of training and support is improved, and the need for travel is greatly reduced.

  • New software can increase staff efficiency, but it can also lead to issues. If the line manager can't answer certain queries then the upgrade can stall, and productivity can actually be lowered. 

    VNC Connect helps avoid this situation.

    Imagine you've rolled out a software upgrade and a question has arisen that your staff cannot answer. With VNC Connect, the line manager can invite the software vendor’s support staff to remotely access her computer. The vendor can demonstrate how to fix the issue, and the line manager can relay this information to her team.

  • Engineering or technical teams can perform intensive tasks on a centralized computer. The applications used are often very expensive, with a limited number of licenses, and anyone on the team must be able to access the computer at any time.

    VNC Connect is perfect for this use case because an entire team can remotely access a single licensed computer. As we don't limit concurrent connections, no one has to wait for a colleague to finish a session before establishing one of their own. In fact, staff can even connect at the same time for collaboration purposes. 

    This has the effect of maximizing the ROI of the organization's capital investment, greatly improving the efficiency of the department. 

  • If you offer a product or service that uses specific software, you can license VNC Connect on computers in your office and invite your customers to remote in for training. You can provide a live demonstration, or even let them take control. 

    Field sales reps can demo your software when out on the road, even if it is not supported on their laptop or mobile phone. To do this, they simply remote in to their office computer and show the customer how the software works in real-time, answering any questions along the way.

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