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vncaddrbook - VNC® Address Book


vncaddrbook [OPTION...] [COMMAND]


vncaddrbook is an address book for VNC connections.

Run vncaddrbook to start VNC Address Book. You can save or create VNC connections and then use VNC Address Book to connect instead of VNC Viewer, which may be quicker. It also means you do not have to remember network addresses and port numbers, nor user names and passwords.

Because VNC Address Book can store sensitive information about computers, access to it is controlled by a master password.


Applying a command to vncaddrbook performs an auxiliary operation instead of starting VNC Address Book.

To see a list of valid commands, run vncaddrbook -help.


Options are VNC parameters, used to configure VNC Address Book.

To see a list of valid VNC parameters, run vncaddrbook -help.

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