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What is a team?ΒΆ

VNC Connect is built for sharing. Your team ties all the remote computers you need to control with the people you want to share remote access with.

We’ll automatically create a team when you:

  • Activate a Home subscription
  • Purchase a Professional or Enterprise subscription
  • Start a free trial

Simply sign in to your RealVNC account to manage your team. You can:

  • Check what your subscription entitles you to on the Billing page.

  • Change the default team name on the General page. This name defines your computers in VNC Viewer.

  • Manage remote computers with cloud connectivity enabled on the Computers page. Note you don’t have to manually add computers to this page; they automatically appear when you apply your subscription to VNC Server.


    If you have an Enterprise subscription and only want to establish direct connections, apply your license key to VNC Server instead. Cloud connectivity will be disabled, and these computers will not appear on this page.

  • Invite the people you want to share remote access with on the People page.

Note there are circumstances when you may have more than one team.