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What’s the strongest password mechanism available?

If you have a Home subscription, there’s only one password mechanism. Make sure the VNC password you’re prompted to create when you install VNC Server is difficult to guess, and keep it secret. You must specify at least 6 case-sensitive letters, numbers, and special characters such as !,@*#&, though we recommend more.

If you have a Professional or Enterprise subscription, VNC Server is integrated into the credentialing mechanism of the remote computer out-of-the-box, so you don’t have to create or remember yet another password. Simply connect using the same user name and password you normally use to log on to your account on that computer. In addition, you can register other users with VNC Server so they can connect using their own account credentials.

If you have a Professional or Enterprise subscription, you can change the default system authentication scheme to specify multi-factor authentication for VNC Server.

If you have an Enterprise subscription and a suitable corporate network, you can configure VNC Server to use single sign-on (SSO).