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How do I apply my subscription?

The first time you install VNC Connect on a remote computer to provide device access, you must apply your subscription. Subsequently, we’ll handle licensing for you in most circumstances.


You don’t need to apply your subscription if you only provide instant support.

Home and Professional subscriptions

To apply your subscription, you must make a desk-side visit. Sign in to the VNC Server app running on each remote computer you want to control using your RealVNC account credentials. (VNC Server is installed as part of VNC Connect.)

The Licensing Wizard should appear automatically when VNC Server is installed, but if it doesn’t you can right-click the VNC Server tray icon and select Licensing:


Enterprise subscriptions

To apply your subscription, you can either make a desk-side visit, or apply your subscription remotely or in bulk using a license key:

  • You can sign in to VNC Server desk-side in the same way as a Home or Professional subscription. If you do, direct connectivity is automatically enabled, and you can choose to enable cloud connectivity at the same time.
  • You can apply a 25 character license key to VNC Server, either desk-side or remotely. If you do this, direct connectivity is automatically enabled but there’s a separate step to join the team and enable cloud connectivity.