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What is instant support?

Instant support is a capability built-in to VNC Connect. It enables you to remotely access computers that do not, or cannot, have remote access software installed. Instant support complements device access, our capability for remote computers that can.


You can add instant support to your VNC Connect subscription at any time.

This means you can quickly provide technical support to customers, employees or suppliers on demand, without provisioning remote computers in advance, requiring installation privileges, giving out your subscription details, or requiring end users to perform complex set up operations. Once a session is over, there’s no software footprint left behind.

There are a few caveats:

  • You can only establish cloud connections, not direct connections, so technicians and end users must both be connected to the Internet, even if on the same company LAN.
  • The end user must be present at the remote computer to approve the session. Unattended access is not possible.
  • Only one technician can control an end user’s computer at a time. It’s not possible for a supervisor to connect in and monitor a live session.

If you need regular, direct, concurrent, or unattended access to computers you own or manage, then install VNC Connect on those computers and add device access to your VNC Connect subscription as well.