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What is device access?

Device access is a capability built-in to VNC Connect. It enables you to remotely access computers with VNC Connect installed, at any time, from any device. Device access complements instant support, our capability for computers that do not, or cannot, have remote access software installed.


You can add device access to your VNC Connect subscription at any time.

With VNC Connect installed you can access your own computers remotely, provide support to colleagues or employees, administer unattended systems, simplify training provision, provide centralized access to resources, and more - either directly over a LAN, or via our cloud service. The caveat is that you must have permissions to install and license VNC Connect in advance.


If it’s not convenient or possible to provision remote computers in advance, or you want to provide an on-demand helpdesk service, then add instant support to your VNC Connect subscription as well.