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Why can’t I connect?ΒΆ

If you have a Home or Professional subscription, please check the following:

  • Is the remote computer powered on and awake (that is, not asleep or in hibernation)?
  • Is VNC Server running on the computer you want to control?
  • Is VNC Server suitably licensed?
  • Is VNC Viewer running on the device you want to control from, and are you signed in?
  • Are both endpoints connected to the Internet, and able to communicate with RealVNC services?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, then please check that:

  • RealVNC services are functioning correctly.
  • There are no error messages displayed in the VNC Server Status dialog.

If you have an Enterprise subscription and intend to establish a direct connection, please also check the following:

  • Have you entered the remote computer’s IP address or hostname into VNC Viewer correctly, including a port number if required?

    If VNC Server is not listening on port 5900, enter :<1-99> for ports in the range 5901-5999, for example for port 5980, and ::<full-number> for all other ports, for example for port 80.

  • If you’re connecting over the Internet, have you specified VNC Server’s public rather than private network address?

  • If you’re connecting over the Internet, have you configured the remote computer’s firewall and router properly?

If you still can’t connect, contact Support. Please note you’ll almost certainly be asked for debug logs.