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VNC Viewer for Android release notes

This page is for historical purposes only. All changes made to VNC Viewer for Android since November 2017 are recorded here.


29 August 2017
  • FIXED: VNC Viewer no longer disconnects immediately after connecting to computers running VNC Server 6.2.0.


15 June 2017
  • NEW: Signed-in users can now sort the Address Book by label. From the Address Book, tap i > Labels to apply existing labels to a computer (creating a new label must be done through the desktop version of VNC Viewer when signed into the same account).
  • NEW: VNC Viewer can now connect to computers using the ‘Smartcard/certificate store’ multi-factor authentication scheme. Access Settings > Security and privacy for more information.


2 May 2017
  • NEW: Authenticate to VNC Server set up to use the new RADIUS server multi-factor authentication scheme.
  • NEW: Send debug log files to Support directly from your device.


22 February 2017
  • NEW: VNC Viewer has a Medium picture quality setting, to complement High, Automatic and Low. Picture quality is still set to Automatic by default.
  • NEW: The VNC Viewer app icon now has ‘long press’ functionality (Android 7.1+). Touch and hold to reveal your four most recent connections. Tap one to connect, or long press and drag to save it as a shortcut on your home screen.


29 November 2016
  • NEW: Sign in to your RealVNC account to automatically discover the VNC Connect computers in your team.
  • NEW: Establish secure, seamless, reliable cloud connections to VNC Connect computers, without network reconfiguration.
  • NEW: Continue to establish direct connections from your Address Book to VNC Connect computers with an Enterprise subscription, to VNC 5.x computers, or to VNC Server-compatible projects from third parties.


30 June 2016
  • FIXED: The “Get started with VNC Viewer” first-run screen can now be dismissed on devices with small displays.


22 June 2016
  • NEW: Peripheral devices such as trackpads and Bluetooth mice can now be used to control a connected computer’s cursor.
  • NEW: Support for horizontal scrolling; drag two fingers left or right to scroll in that direction. This may not work when connected to third-party VNC-compatible Server software, or some older versions of VNC Server.


29 February 2016
  • FIXED: VNC Viewer no longer performs a network connectivity check before establishing a VNC connection, meaning more connections should succeed (for example when using a portable Wi-Fi hotspot).


11 February 2016
  • NEW: ‘Material Design’ user interface. On Android 4.4+, this includes immersive full-screen mode and the ability to completely hide the toolbar.
  • NEW: Connections can now be made view only.
  • NEW: Sensitive user data such as passwords can now be forgotten, either globally via the Settings page, or per connection.
  • NEW: VNC Viewer will display a warning and ask for confirmation before establishing an unencrypted connection.
  • NEW: A memorable catchphrase is shown in addition to VNC Server’s unique signature when making a new connection. This helps deter man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks.
  • NEW: VNC Viewer will attempt to quietly reconnect if a connection terminates unexpectedly.
  • NEW: VNC Viewer can now create logs to help diagnose connection issues. Logging can be enabled on the Settings page.
  • NEW: The Windows key has been added to the scrolling key bar.
  • NEW: Auto-correct is now available for the virtual keyboard. This is disabled by default, in order that commands sent to a computer’s CLI are executed as intended. Auto-correct can be enabled on the Settings page.
  • Improved support for the SwiftKey third-party virtual keyboard.


25 August 2015
  • Improved bluetooth keyboard support


19 February 2015
  • FIXED: Pressing the Shift or Ctrl key on VNC Viewer’s scrolling key bar and tapping the screen now sends <modifier>+<mouse click> to the remote computer.
  • FIXED: The Shift key on the virtual keyboard of Samsung devices now works correctly.
  • FIXED: The Android Back and Menu soft navigation buttons now work correctly while a VNC connection is in progress.


12 February 2015
  • FIXED: VNC Viewer no longer crashes when high resolution desktop previews are saved.
  • FIXED: The Swype third-party keyboard no longer closes immediately on opening.


18 November 2014
  • FIXED: Opening the virtual keyboard no longer causes VNC Viewer to crash on Android 5.0 (Lollipop).


5 September 2014
  • FIXED: VNC Viewer can connect again to VNC-compatible technology from third parties.


3 September 2014
  • VNC Viewer no longer checks for a license.


16 May 2013
  • Improved keyboard support.
  • FIXED: VNC Viewer no longer crashes on devices with screens of less than 160 dots-per-inch (DPI).


30 April 2013
  • Improved keyboard support for manufacturers’ virtual keyboards, including gesture typing, and for the SwiftKey third-party keyboard app.
  • Improved user interface for small tablet devices.


15 November 2012
  • FIXED: VNC Viewer no longer crashes on Android 4.2.


9 July 2012
  • FIXED: VNC Viewer no longer crashes on small-screen tablets such as the Galaxy Tab 2 7.
  • FIXED: VNC Viewer no longer occasionally crashes on return from the background.


12 June 2012
  • Support for Intel-based devices.


9 May 2012
  • FIXED: Application screens such as Details and Help are now rendered correctly on devices running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).
  • FIXED: Attempting to send a support email before an email account is configured for the device no longer crashes.


6 January 2012
  • NEW: Support for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).
  • NEW: User interface optimizations.


16 June 2011
  • NEW: Connections to the latest versions of VNC Enterprise Edition and VNC Personal Edition can be secured end-to-end using 256-bit AES encryption.
  • NEW: Image information is compressed more efficiently for better performance over low bandwidth connections to the latest versions of VNC Enterprise Edition and VNC Personal Edition.
  • NEW: User interface optimized for tablet devices running Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), including full screen support and grid view connection list.
  • FIXED: Double-tapping to drag a screen object or select text is now supported in mouse button mode.


18 February 2011

First release.