What makes VNC Connect unique?

With a single subscription, you can enable remote access and support for your entire organization.

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VNC Connect


VNC Connect extends the benefits of remote access to everyone

Scalable-icon.pngIt's multi-purpose

Unlike other products, VNC Connect has both device access and instant support capabilities built in. This prevents the need to purchase multiple tools for different jobs.

While device access enables regular, direct, or unattended remote access to computers you own or manage, instant support provides an on-demand helpdesk service when it's not convenient or possible to install VNC Connect in advance.

Accessible-icon.pngIt's accessible

VNC Connect offers intuitive remote access that anyone can use. There’s plenty of administrative functionality under-the-hood, but users of all levels feel instantly at home with our software.

Other products are bloated by complex functionality aimed at certain users, restricting their use to the IT department. We provide secure remote access that's accessible to everyone.

VNC Connect is so much more than a tool for the IT team

  • Your IT technicians need quick and secure remote access to computers in your organization. Enabling device access as part of your VNC Connect subscription means you can install and license VNC Connect on those computers. Anyone with permission can then connect at any time, using any device.

    With device access, the person taking control does not need to be licensed. You simply pay for the number of computers you need remote access to. Device access can also be attended or unattended, meaning IT technicians can connect even if there's no user present to approve the connection.

  • It's not always convenient or possible to install remote access software on remote computers in advance. Enabling instant support as part of your VNC Connect subscription means your IT team can take control of any computer in seconds. There's no complex or privileged operations for the end user to perform, and once the support session is over, no software footprint left on the remote device.

    With instant support, the computer being controlled does not need to be licensed. You simply pay for the number of named technicians you need to meet expected demand.

  • Employees may spend time working away from the office. Enabling device access as part of your VNC Connect subscription allows these employees to remotely access their office computer at any time, no matter where they are in the world.

    Let's say an employee is at a customer site and needs access to a resource back in the office. With VNC Connect, they can access their computer through their phone and then send themselves the output. This saves your employee's time, while improving the service the customer receives.

  • Imagine you've purchased new software and only the line manager has had full training in its use. Enabling device access as part of your VNC Connect subscription means you can allow multiple users to connect to the same computer, streamlining the tricky roll-out process:

    Day one: The line manager provides remote access with view-only capabilities to her computer, walking her team through the new software. They use text chat to ask questions, which she answers using real-time visual demonstrations.

    Short-term: The team leader accesses her employees’ computers to offer real-time support. VNC Connect is perfect for this use case as it is not bloated by unnecessary helpdesk functionality designed for the IT Team.

    Medium-term: The team begins to understand the new software, and can support each other. This allows the line manager to concentrate on other important aspects of her job, while empowering her team to collaborate and learn together.

    VNC Connect makes the tough process of rolling out a software upgrade far simpler. Everyone’s time is used efficiently, the quality of training and support is improved, and the need for travel is greatly reduced.

  • New software can increase staff efficiency, but it can also lead to issues. If the line manager can't answer certain queries then the upgrade can stall, and productivity can actually be lowered. 

    Enabling device access as part of your VNC Connect subscription means you can allow temporary guest access to office computers. The line manager could invite the software vendor’s support staff to remotely access her computer and demonstrate how to fix the issue. She can then relay this information to her team.

  • Engineering or technical teams may need to perform intensive tasks on a centralized computer. The applications used are often very expensive, with a limited number of licenses, and individuals on the team require access to the computer at any time.

    Enabling device access as part of your VNC Connect subscription means an entire team can remotely access a single licensed computer. We don't limit concurrent connections to licensed computers, meaning no one has to wait for a colleague to finish a session before establishing one of their own. In fact, staff can even connect at the same time and collaborate.

  • If your product or service uses specific software, enabling device access as part of your VNC Connect subscription means you can temporarily invite your customers to remote in for training or live demonstrations.

    Field sales reps can demo your software when out on the road, even if it is not supported on their laptop or mobile phone. To do this, they simply access their office computer and show the customer how the software works in real-time, answering any questions along the way.

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