Flexible options for integrating secure remote access

Choose the solution that suits your requirements, skills, priorities and deadlines.

Developer Connect OEM icon

Bundle VNC Connect

An OEM version of our off-the-shelf, feature-rich VNC Connect software. It requires no special engineering resource and is extremely fast to deploy, but has limited customization capabilities.

  • Off-the-shelf software
  • Standard commercial feature set
  • Limited optimization capability
  • Sits alongside your product
  • Standard commercial licensing
  • No development resource required
  • Rapid time-to-market with standard software install
Developer VNC SDK icon

Build with the VNC SDK

A fully customizable software development toolkit. Your engineering team can create a bespoke deployment that provides the exact features you need, tightly integrated with your product.

  • Software development toolkit
  • Additional custom features
  • Advanced optimization capability
  • Fully integrated into your product
  • Custom licensing agreement
  • Development resource required
  • Development, testing and product release required

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