How many licenses do I require?

VNC Enterprise Edition for Mac OS X is composed of two components, VNC Viewer and VNC Server. VNC Server runs within a user session, or attached to the console session, and allows it to be remotely accessed. VNC Viewer is then run by each user who must access those desktops.

Licensing for VNC Enterprise Edition for Mac OS X is based on the number of concurrent desktops that are to be accessed remotely by users running VNC Viewer, whether these are user sessions or the console session. Any number of VNC Viewers may remotely access a single VNC Server desktop for personal or internal business use, under a single VNC Enterprise Edition for Mac OS X license. The number of licenses required depends solely on the number of concurrent VNC Server desktops.

How many license keys do I require?

Each VNC Enterprise Edition for Mac OS X license key entitles the holder to run a certain number of VNC Server desktops, regardless of the number of computers that host these desktops. If more concurrent desktops are required than are permitted with a particular license key, then supplemental license keys must be purchased.

How long is my license valid for?

Each VNC Enterprise Edition for Mac OS X license is perpetual, meaning that it can continue to be used with the original software for as long as is required.

How long is my basic support agreement valid for?

The basic support agreement, including free upgrades as they become available, runs for a period of 12 months from the date of issue of the accompanying license key. Upgrades released after this 12 month period has elapsed will not be available unless the basic support agreement has been renewed and a replacement license key issued.

How do I install a new license key?

During installation, VNC Enterprise Edition for Mac OS X prompts for a license key. Enter a full license key if you have one.

To enter a license key at any other time, navigate to the Applications > RealVNC > Advanced folder, and double-click the Enter VNC Server License Key program.

What are the licensing terms and conditions?

A copy of the license terms and conditions can be found here (120K pdf).