This page is for system admininstrators tasked to deploy, license, configure and support VNC on remote computers in an enterprise environment.

If you just want to set up VNC on a limited number of computers, it is recommended you download VNC separately to each and perform operations by hand.

Deploy VNC using MSIs

VNC Server and VNC Viewer are available as separate MSIs, for remote deployment to target Windows computers using a mechanism such as Group Policy. More information.

  • Windows only

  • Enterprise, Personal and Free licenses

  • Download MSIs

  • Note: VNC Server can be licensed as part of this process

Configure and lock down VNC using policy

VNC can be remotely configured and locked down using policy, and target computers provisioned using a suitable mechanism, such as Group Policy under Windows. More information.

Host VNC on a network share

VNC can be installed, licensed, and configured on a central computer, and particular applications run from any other computer with whom the installation directory is shared. More information.

  • UNIX only

  • Requires a special domain-locked license. Contact Software Sales

  • Note: Not all VNC applications can be run from a network share

Manage users and permissions for VNC Server

VNC Permissions Creator is freely available to construct a generic access control list for VNC Server, in preparation for remotely configuring target computers using policy or VNC Deployment Tool. More information.

  • All supported platforms

  • Enterprise licenses only

  • Download utility

  • Note: Under Windows, user and group names can be translated into SIDs and vice versa

Deploy and configure using VNC Deployment Tool

VNC Deployment Tool is freely available to remotely deploy, license, and configure VNC on target Windows computers. More information.

  • Windows only

  • Enterprise licenses only

  • Support for legacy VNC Enterprise Edition

  • Download utility