Known issues

ID Description Workaround Status
402 Connecting users might not be authenticated automatically in a Kerberos network environment if members of an Active Directory group. Create an Intel AMT user for each AD user; do not create an Intel AMT user that is an AD group. Fixed in 1.2.6.
401 An encrypted connection cannot be established if the Common Name (CN) field in a TLS certificate contains characters such as ® or ™. Avoid non-standard characters. Under consideration.
341 The process of establishing a connection cannot be stopped (for example, if the wrong network address or password has been entered). Wait for an error message or timeout and try again. Under consideration.
266 Mounting an image and then rebooting to an operating system (rather than to the image) may cause the host computer to crash. Power the host computer off using its physical Power button, and then reconnect. Won't fix.
264 Connected users may not be able to control the host computer during a reboot. None. Won't fix.
243 VNC Viewer Plus cannot connect if the nodes in a Kerberos network environment are in different domains. Make sure the client computer, host computer and authentication server are in the same domain. Under consideration.
206 VNC Viewer Plus displays error 12009 if you attempt to establish a connection under Windows XP SP2. SP2 is not supported. Please install SP3. Won't fix.
197 Mounting an image while connected via Wi-Fi may cause the host computer's operating system to lose Wi-Fi connectivity entirely. (VNC Viewer Plus is disconnected, and cannot reconnect.) Turn the host computer off and repair Wi-Fi connectivity using operating system diagnostic tools. Fixed in 1.2.5.
158 The host computer may disconnect VNC Viewer Plus when a dialog box is shown or the window is minimized. Perform an operation (causing a screen update to occur may prevent a timeout). Under consideration.
149 VNC Viewer Plus may not be able to wake a host computer from hibernate or standby mode if the operating system has requested that the Intel AMT graphics driver power down. Disconnect and then reconnect. Won't fix.
143 Keys on the computer keyboard's numeric keypad may appear to have no effect, or an unintended effect. The Num Lock key may be out of sync. Disconnect, press the client computer's Num Lock key once, and then reconnect. Under consideration.
137 VNC Viewer Plus may not be able to connect if a host computer was shut down using its physical Power button. Shut down using VNC Viewer Plus power management tools, or via the host computer's operating system. Won't fix.
133 The line speed estimate may be incorrectly displayed as 0 kbps, preventing VNC Viewer Plus detecting a fast network and automatically enabling full-color mode. Use the compression/quality slider on the Display tab of the VNC Viewer Plus Options dialog. Under consideration.
128 Connecting users might not be authenticated automatically in a Kerberos network environment if an IP address was specified. Configure VNC Viewer Plus to look up a FQDN for the host computer. Under consideration.
123 VNC Viewer Plus cannot connect if the host computer's screen resolution is greater than 1680 by 1050 pixels. None. Fixed by Intel in AMT 6.1.
64 Turning on the VNC Viewer Plus Relative Pointer Motion shortcut menu option may disable the mouse for connections to Intel AMT 6.0 and 6.1. Do not turn this option on. Won't fix.
48 VNC Viewer Plus cannot wake a Windows 7 or Vista host computer from sleep mode. None. Won't fix.
46 An image cannot be mounted when connected using non-Kerberos authentication credentials in a Kerberos network environment. Connect to AMT Server using an IP address instead of a host name. Under consideration.