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Starting VNC Viewer Plus

To start VNC Viewer Plus on the client computer, select RealVNC > VNC Viewer Plus from the Start menu. The VNC Viewer Plus dialog opens:

Note: If the Connection Mode dropdown is not visible, VNC Viewer Plus is not licensed. You must enter a license key before you can connect to AMT Server. See Getting VNC Viewer Plus ready to use for more information.

VNC Viewer Plus is ready to connect to AMT Server out-of-the-box. However, in certain circumstances, you must configure it before you connect. See Configuring VNC Viewer Plus before you connect for more information.

Starting VNC Viewer Plus programmatically

You can start VNC Viewer Plus programmatically, and connect to a host computer automatically, using the following URI scheme:


Note: VNC Viewer Plus must be installed and licensed on the computer on which the command runs.

An option/value pair can be any parameter from the Expert tab of the Options dialog. For more information on this, see Using the Options dialog.

For example, you could run the following command:

C:\Program Files\RealVNC\VNCViewerPlus\vncviewerplus.exe -uri kvm://adminusr:Pa55w0rd!;AmtRequireConsent=false

Or enter the following command in the address bar of a web browser:


Or click a hyperlink in a web page constructed from the following HTML:

<a href="kvm://stdusr:M1nPr1vs!@">Connect!</a>

Starting Listening VNC Viewer Plus

You can start VNC Viewer Plus in such a way that it does not connect to AMT Server but rather waits for AMT Server to connect to it. This is called a reverse connection.

Note: Only a host computer user participating in a Fast Call for Help session can initiate a reverse connection in this release. See Using VNC Viewer Plus with Fast Call for Help for more information.

To start Listening VNC Viewer Plus, either:

•  Select RealVNC > Advanced > Start Listening VNC Viewer Plus from the Start menu.

•  Run the command vncviewerplus.exe -listen.

By default, Listening VNC Viewer Plus listens on port 9971. To:

•  Permanently change this, append a space and the port number to the target for the Start Listening VNC Viewer Plus shortcut, for example "C:\Program Files\RealVNC\VNCViewerPlus\vncviewerplus.exe" -listen 4567.

•  Temporarily change this, append a space and the port number to the vncviewerplus.exe
command, for example vncviewerplus.exe -listen 4567.

When Listening VNC Viewer Plus starts, an icon is displayed in the Notification area. Hover the mouse cursor over the icon to confirm that Listening VNC Viewer Plus is running:

Listening VNC Viewer Plus has a shortcut menu. To show it, right-click the icon:

Note that a Fast Call for Help session is likely to be routed via proxy servers. If these require authentication, you must specify the necessary credentials before a session starts. To do this, select Default Options to open the Options dialog, and follow the instructions in Connecting via proxy servers to specify a user name and password for both an HTTP and a SOCKS 5 proxy server.

Note: There is no need to specify network addresses and ports for proxy servers. This information is provided by the MPS.