VNC4 mouse pointer only displayed as dot?

Corne Beerse cbeerse at
Thu Sep 13 08:47:56 BST 2012

On 11-9-2012 14:51, Stefan at WPF wrote:
> I am using VNC 4 (because it works on WinPE), however instead of a mouse
> pointer I only see a dot as mouse pointer. Is there any way to change this?
> I couldn't find an option for this.
The only thing I know about the dot is that this dot is the local 
pointer. Hence, somehow the remote pointer does not show or is not in sync.

Try the next things to get something going. Set them both local and 
remote but not at the same time:
- Enable mouse trailing: 'display pointer trails' and see if they show.
- If available, use something like 'show location of pointer when I 
press the <ctrl> key. And test that.

It's possible the view is in read-only...

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