Windows 7 laptop will not accept connection

Philip Herlihy philip at
Tue May 29 15:01:35 BST 2012

Note that the free version of RealVNC server doesn't work with Vista or W7 -
you'd need the "Personal" edition, which isn't free.  UVNC is a free
alternative, if you can pick your way through the misleading "download"
adverts and find the right link.  Otherwise, check the Connection tab allows
connections from the right subnet (allowing is a
safe bet) and check your firewall allows the port through.  If you have some
baroque "Security Suite" you'll need to fathom out the procedure for opening

Philip Herlihy

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Subject: Windows 7 laptop will not accept connection

I have an HP desktop running Windows 7 Home Premium. I have the VNC Viewer
installed on it. I have a Compaq laptop running Windows XP on which I have
the VNC Server installed.  I am able to connect from the HP to the laptop
without a problem.  I purchased a Toshiba laptop running Windows 7 Home
Premium. I installed VNC Server on it. Every time I try to connect from the
desktop to the Toshiba I get a "connection was reset by peer" error. I
checked that the configuration on the Toshiba matches the one on the Compaq.

I checked to see that port 5900 on the Toshiba is not in use by another

Can anyone help me?

John Scholl 

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