Windows 7 laptop will not accept connection

john scholl jascholl1998 at
Tue May 29 03:19:08 BST 2012

I have an HP desktop running Windows 7 Home Premium. I have the VNC Viewer 
installed on it. I have a Compaq laptop running Windows XP on which I have 
the VNC Server installed.  I am able to connect from the HP to the laptop 
without a problem.  I purchased a Toshiba laptop running Windows 7 Home 
Premium. I installed VNC Server on it. Every time I try to connect from the 
desktop to the Toshiba I get a "connection was reset by peer" error. I 
checked that the configuration on the Toshiba matches the one on the Compaq. 
I checked to see that port 5900 on the Toshiba is not in use by another 

Can anyone help me?

John Scholl 

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