Ubuntu with Xvnc to :1 with no window manager at :0

Mike Miller mbmiller+l at gmail.com
Fri May 18 07:10:17 BST 2012

On Wed, 16 May 2012, Long, Phillip GOSS wrote:

> Once again, I have to emphasize that I am *not* an expert, nor have I 
> ever used Xvnc, so I'm just going by what I have ready over the years; 
> unfortunately, I can't tell U off-hand where I happened to read these 
> things, other than to say that it was most likely on the RealVNC 
> website.
> I poked around on the RealVNC website a bit, and on the page
> http://kb.realvnc.com/questions/10/How+do+I+run+multiple+screens%7B47%7Dsessions+of+VNC%3F
> it says that there is an X server built into the vncserver.  It also 
> shows one case in which U want to have more than one X server (running 
> one or more copies of "vncserver").  In fact, much to my surprise, it 
> also shows that U can attach "vncserver" to an already-existing X 
> server.  I didn't know U could do that!

Yes, that is another option but I think it is slower.

> "vncserver" is an X server, with its own "display;" U work with it by 
> setting the DISPLAY environment variable to the appropriate value (:1, 
> :2.0, :0.1, etc.), just like U do with X11.

Right.  I have been using it on Linux/UNIX systems for 15 years now.  The 
thing I don't think I can do is run vncviewer on a Linux box that doesn't 
have the window manager running.  Right?  So I have to have a minimum of 
two X sessions going -- one in :1, say, and the other on :0, to be able to 
do what I want.

Connecting remotely isn't an issue.  It's when I'm at the desktop on 
touching the machine that has my vncserver :1 running in it.  To see it I 
have to run vncviewer, and to do that I need a window manager.

Maybe I could run Gnome in vncserver :1, and then use a lightweight window 
manager like ICEwm on :0.  I do more work remotely than at the desktop.  I 
do have a lot of memory and disk, though.  The thing is I can't run two 
Gnome sessions at the same time.

Now Ubuntu is using Unity and I don't know how that's going to work out.


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