vnc server running in a citrix connection

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Thank you for your response. The way that they have it set up is on 
the remote desktop she gets with citrix, the first thing she must 
do is start a vnc server on that desktop so they can use the veiwer 
to see the remote desktop. If the remote desktop has a modified 
version of the server on it. Would it be able to somehow see her 
desktop on her local machine? I am not sure if it is possible for 
the server to hop onto the citrix connection and see her laptops 
desktop as well as the remote one.



Adam: Assuming that the VNC server at your friend's workplace is 
compiled from standard code, she need not worry that her employer 



Not having used Citrix, I can't say for sure, but I'll venture a 
guess that the Citrix RDP client works much like others, in that it 
creates local windows and controls controlled by the remote server, 
instead of serving up all remote screen data like VNC does.  The 
VNC server on the Citrix-connected remote desktop could very well 
be modified to snoop on the Citrix RDP data stream, but since that 
data could at best only show what your friend sees in the Citrix 
RDP client (i.e., the remote desktop), it wouldn't buy them 
anything.  The Citrix RDP client is proprietary, and I think it 
unlikely that her employer would be willing to pay for a modified 
version that could snoop her desktop (or even that Citrix would be 
willing to do so).  Besides the probable high price of any such 
modification, it's even more unlikely that Citrix would be willing 
to keep upgrading the customized version along with the standard 
one.  I have been in that situation before; the vendor modified 
their OS for us, but refused to keep it current, which meant that 
the machine on which it ran soon became a dinosaur.  We were 
willing to accept that because of our special circumstances, but 
very few software customers would be willing to pay that price.


					Thx, Phil Long

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