Ubuntu with Xvnc to :1 with no window manager at :0

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So if anyone here knows about this...

On Wed, 25 Apr 2012, Mike Miller wrote:

> Is it possible to boot Ubuntu, not load an X window manager and 
> still run Xvnc on :1 for remote access?
> If I'm actually sitting at the machine, I have to load a window 
> manager to be able to see vncviewer, I assume?
> Is that how it works?
> What I've been doing is using IceWM in Xvnc and exclusively 
> accessing the system through that, but I have Gnome running all the 
> time on :0, mostly doing nothing but taking up space.
> Mike




I use Gnome, not Xvnc, on my desktop, and I'm by no means an 
expert, but my understanding is that Xvnc is an X server, and in 
general, U should only have one of those running.  My guess is that 
Xvnc is your X server, and U're running IceWM as your window 
manager on :1.  Probably, the X startup/login script (~/.xinitrc?) 
is launching Gnome (on the first available screen, perhaps?), and U 
need to remove or comment out those commands to conserve resources. 
 U would also be able to run IceWM on :0 instead of :1.


					Thx, Phil Long

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