vnc server running in a citrix connection

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Sat May 12 23:04:17 BST 2012

I have a friend of mine that works for a work from home company and she 
has a concern. I believe I know the answer but she is concerned enough 
that I figured I would ask you all. She connects to a remote server from 
her laptop using a vpn and citrix. On the remote server her company has 
vnc server so that they can monitor her work. The question is, with the 
vnc server on the remote server running can they see her laptops desktop 
or will they just see the remote servers desktop. I believe that they 
will only see the remote servers desktop since that is where the server 
is located but she is concerned that even though it is on the remote 
server, that they are able to see her laptops desktop as well.

Thank you

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