Installing VNC on an LAN

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Unless you have a crossover cable between the two machines the connection
*will* be going through the router, as in the vast majority of home networks
it's the router which establishes the LAN by issuing related IP addresses to
the connected computers.

* Can you ping one machine from another (may need to enable "echo" under the
ICMP section of the firewall) or see one from another in any way?
* Have you set up the 'connections' tab in the server to allow connections
from the other machine?  (tip: try adding to the
list of networks)
* Is your firewall set to allow winvnc4.exe to allow incoming connections?

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I'm installing VNC between two computers at home on my LAN. There is no need
for either machine to be able to pass through the router, much less access
the Internet.

I'm getting a 10060 error. What do I do?

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