Newbie query

Girish H T htgirish at
Wed Feb 15 12:53:09 GMT 2012

Hi Experts,

I am new to VNC. I have few basic queries.

1. What is the frame rate that is supported by VNC encoding techiniques.
Say i want to watch a fast moving movie. Will VNC be able suffice the
requirements like 23-30fps/sec provided u have sufficient processing power ?

2.What i see from the latest protocol is that the encoding techniques.
Raw,CopyRect,RRE,Hextile,ZRLE,Cursor pseudo-encoding, DesktopSize

What is the best encoding technique out of this ? What are the advantage
over MPEG based compression techniques ?

3. I saw a post ( dated
2005, is answer still the same ? I am sure things have changed a lot in
terms of processing power , hardware accelerators for mid end and low end
phones (viz android). I am sure this will open up whole new opportunities
in terms of business :) and in terms of quality of service.

Thanks in advance for answers.


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