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What I need is a way to automate a file upload from their business
to my server every night. Does VNC offer this type of functionality? If
which product do I purchase?

Thanks so much.

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What U need is a scheduled job that copies this file from your 
customers's computers to your server.  VNC is meant for visualizing 
the desktop of a remote computer, not file transfer.  There are 
some remote desktop visualization packages out there that will do 
file transfer, but there are usually better options (sftp, ftp 
through an SSL tunnel, etc.) which U can set up on a 
customer-by-customer basis.  Since there are only five or so 
variations, U could write an install script that automates 
installation of an upload script, with email notification upon 
failure (customer changed default folder, etc.).  The upload script 
can run using "Scheduled Tasks" on WinXP, or cron using Linux (and 
possibly Mac).

					Thx, Phil Long

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