help VNC free Edition 4.1

Yang, Yihong yihong.yang at
Tue Oct 11 19:42:58 BST 2011


We are currently using VNC free Edition 4.1 server in our Linux machine. But the problem is that we can open several sessions on the Linux server. However, only 2 computers can access the server by using VNC viewer for No.1 and No.2 session. I have no idea why this happens. And what we want is to have more than 2 computers to access the server. We have no idea how to fix this problem.

I guess the problem is that when we downloaded the VNC free edition from the website, we did not fill the detail information in the form and we just downloaded directly from the website. But I saw there is a deployment option for current or intended size of VNC deployment. Is it right that we need to specify the numbers of the computers? Or is it due to we are using the free edition which only let two computers to access the server?

Could you please help me on this problem?

Thanks a lot and have a good day,


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