Command line version of connecting to listening viewer doesn't work

Philip Herlihy philip at
Fri Feb 26 13:44:59 GMT 2010

To debug a thing like this, run it in a command window, so you can see any
error messages.

I believe the problem may be with the trailing :5500 - I've never needed to
specify this at the server end, only to set up port-forwarding on the
firewall at the receiving (client) end.  Take that off and it should work.

You may be interested in a command script I've developed to keep checking
for an established connection and re-connect if it has dropped (something I
developed when trying to manage a system in Ghana from my location in
London).  You can find it here:

Philip Herlihy

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Subject: Command line version of connecting to listening viewer doesn't work


I am trying to create an icon for connecting to a listening viewer with the
information that I gathered about this subject, but it doesn't work.
All I can see, that a black DOS command line window pops up for a
millisecond in the left upper corner of the screen, but nothing else
The same computer has no problem connecting to the listening viewer by
having the user typing (copy/pasting) the IP address of the viewer in the

(The port 5500 on the firewall of the listening viewer is forwarded to the
listening computer (otherwise the manual method wouldn't work either,

This is the command line that I think should work, but it doesn't: (IP
address here is a bogus one, of course)

"C:\Program Files\RealVNC\VNC4\winvnc4.exe" -connect 99.999.999.99:5500

Any idea why this command line doesn't work but manually the PC can connect
to the listening viewer without any problem?


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