Mac enterprise server is slower than windows enterprise server

Mr. B buttcan at
Fri Feb 19 19:55:09 GMT 2010

I have two machines on a wired network.  A win xp machine and a mac  
book pro.  Both systems have vnc enterprise servers and viewers  
version 4.5.x installed with the servers configured to operate in  
service mode.

When I use the mac vnc viewer app to access the windows machine vnc  
server and thus remotely control the windows machine, the speed is  
incredible, like sitting at the actual windows computer.

When I use the windows vnc viewer to access the mac vnc server and  
thus remotely control the mac, the speed is horrible, about 1/4th the  
speed of the aforementioned scenario.  When moving a window or  
scrolling a page, I can count to "2" (so about 1 to 2 seconds lag)  
before the scrolled page or moved window updates on the vnc viewer  
window.  Clicking pull down menus at the top of the screen takes  
several moments for them to appear in the viewer.  I have the mac  
machine (running the vnc server) sitting next to me to test this while  
I access from the windows vnc viewer, and the screen updates are  
obviously instantaneous on the actual mac.  So the lag is in the vnc  
connection itself.

On both systems, I have the viewers set to 'adapt to network speed'.   
Even going manual and sliding the slider to 'most compression' does  
not work.  In fact, while reducing the colors and making things hard  
to read, it actually seems to make the mac vnc server even slower to  

What should I check or adjust to help increase the performance of the  
mac vnc server, as this level of performance is nearly unusable.....


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