Only One VNC Server Accessible

Ed LaFrance edl at
Mon Feb 15 15:35:03 GMT 2010

At 06:10 AM 2/15/2010, Chuck Balogh wrote:
>I have Real VNC Free Edition 4.1 installed on three pc's.  PC1 and 3 are
>running WinXP Home and PC 2 is on Vista Home Premium.
>I can access PC1 from PC2 and PC3 but I cannot access PC2 or PC3 from any
>other pc.  I always get a "connection timeout" message on the failure.  All
>three are configured the same and the only default change I made was to
>enter a authentication password.
>PC1 and PC2 are hard wired to a wireless router and PC3 is connected
>Any help would be appreciated.
>Chuck Balogh

Hello Chuck -

I had a similar problem with both realVNC and TightVNC running on a 
Windows Vista box. The developers of TightVNC have told me that their 
dist will not run as a system service on Windows Vista in it's 
current incarnation. Since I had the same problem with realVNC, I 
suspect it's the same case here.

TightVNC has an upcoming new release that will supposedly work on 
Windows Vista in system service mode. In any case, the workaround is 
to run the VNC server as a user application instead of a system 
service - you should be able to get a connection then.


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