VNC server on HP, viewer on Win 7

Philip Herlihy philip at
Fri Feb 12 10:41:58 GMT 2010

I've used RealVNC in mixed environments recently.  It seems you only need to
pay for the software if it contains a server - the viewers can be downloaded
separately and run without charge.  So, you can download whichever viewer is
appropriate for the platform (and run it on 7), and it should interact
successfully with the server on HPUX.

Phil, London

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Subject: VNC server on HP, viewer on Win 7


It has been some time since I have used VNC.

Is it possible to run VNC Server (free or otherwise) on HPUX, and run
VNC Viewer on Windows 7.
Can I do this setup with the Free Edition?
If I need to purchase the server enterprise edition for our HPUX, does
it come with a viewer for Windows 7 or do I still need to download the
free viewer and will it work on Windows 7?

I looked around on the website and saw server support for windows 7, but
I will be running the server on HPUX, and only the viewer on windows 7.

Thank you for your advice.
Norma Jean

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