Real VNC Windows Authentication no longer working out of the blue

James Bowkett jbowkett at
Tue Feb 9 11:50:13 GMT 2010


I have been successfully using Real VNC Enterprise Edition Server v 4.4.4 on
a Windows XP pro machine within a Windows 2003 Active Directory Domain for
around 18 months. I am using Windows Authentication to authenticate clients
from other Windows XP Pro client machines.  This morning the server ceased
to accept connections from any of my client machines, the client machine
receiving "An authentication error occurred.  See the server error log for
details. Do you wish to reconnect?"

I can find no such error log, there are no errors in the windows event log
in either the client, server or domain controller machines.

If I disable windows authentication clients can connect.

The effected server machine can connect to other VNC servers on the network
(also using windows authentication) as a viewer.

What would cause VNC to stop working in this way?

Thanks in advance,


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