Disabling local inputs... (Server side)

Peter Bunn bunnz at mhtc.net
Sun May 24 16:23:33 BST 2009


I'm using RealVNC (in Service mode) over SSH to administer my Dad's XP 
machine... many miles distant.

There have been moments when I've been tempted to 'Disable local inputs' 
(in the VNC server options) to prevent Dad from accidentally interfering 
when I'm working on his computer, but I've been hesitant to try it since 
I don't know precisely how the feature behaves, and I can't afford to 
lose access.  Nor do I want to leave the inputs disabled for every viewer 

I'm assuming I can disable the inputs during a single session and 
reenable them before disconnecting, but during a routine maintenance, I 
usually need to restart the computer at least once, and am uncertain 
whether I'd have problems getting back 'in' on VNC with local inputs 

My understanding is that inputs are ONLY disabled when a viewer is 
_connected_ and that once the connection is dropped, local input is 
restored to normal.  Is that understanding correct?

Or is it likely I'll run into problems toggling local inputs given that 
I'm using VNC over SSH, and need to restart (and reliably reconnect) 
during a typical maintenance?

Thanks for any all advice with respect...

Peter B.


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