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Andrew White awhite at
Thu May 14 19:03:06 BST 2009

Hi RealVNC list,

Hopefully you can help me understand what is happening with my VNC issue:

I have a website with a link to a VNC protocol ( "vnc://<arguments, computer name, ip, etc>") that I want to use with RealVNC.
I can tell Firefox to associate the protocol with vncviewer.exe, and open up RealVNC when the link is clicked, however, no matter what arguments I
pass after 'vnc://', RealVNC runs through 'Attempting to connect to host...' and then tells me that it is 'unable to resolve hose by name: no such
host is known. (11001)'

My question is what arguments (computer name, IP, etc) should I have and how should the syntax be so that I can get RealVNC to connect to the remote
computer's VNC server.  Or how can I see what is being passed (or not being passed) to RealVNC from Firefox?  For example, how can I tell whether
Firefox is even sending the correct hostname to RealVNC?

RealVNC is working great for me every other way possible - config files, command line, and quick launch icons - but I want to make links from a
webpage using the vnc:// tag work for me and I cannot.

Any suggestions?  Is this even possible?

Thanks for your help!

Andy White
New Lenox School District 122
District Technician
815.462.7035 (desk)
815.791.6811 (cell)

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