Indirect connection works better

Philip Herlihy Philip at
Thu May 14 15:34:03 BST 2009

Recent came across a situation again which has puzzled me in the past.  I'm
trying to connect to a machine running VNC Free edition in an office.  I can
make the connection (having set up port forwarding on the router) but it
hangs, with only the top third of the screen visible after several minutes.
Further attempts produced the same result.
That office has a workstation used as a simple workstation.  Unlike the
"target" machine, which is wirelessly connected, this one is connected to
the router by cable.  I can connect reliably to the fileserver PC.  I found
that within my remote session I could start a new session from the
fileserver PC to the target PC, and this worked well.
Now that's using the same links, but in two jumps instead of one.  What's
going on?
Phil, London

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