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Tue May 12 15:48:04 BST 2009

Hello Peter,

I am in the same situation - I have family that is far away, and from
time to time the IP changes, or something happens where I need a

 My backup is LogMeIn free.

The website is:

I think they limit you to two PCs, but that should not be an issue for
you, and best of all it is free.

Steve Wiseman

> Hello:
> I've been using VNC over SSH to access my Dad's computer for a number of
> months now.  The setup has proven quite reliable, but I'd like to have a
> parallel remote access method in place in case the VNC/SSH link should
> fail for some reason.  (My Dad is elderly and could not assist with setup
> of another service in that event.)
> I used PCNow originally to set up the VNC and retained the service as a
> backup, but I've been having some problems with it (PCNow) recently
> (merely testing the connection to ensure it's working).  I'm also paying
> a monthly fee for the service, which, given the poor performance, I'm
> reluctant to continue doing.
> Can anyone suggest an alternate, secure, reliable remote connection
> method?
> I'd need it to run (effectively) as a service on my Dad's Windows XP
> machine, so that it's always available... I am on a Mac.  I can't use
> Windows RDC, as Dad's system is XP Home... and outdated at that.
> Though my Dad has broadband, I'm still on dialup, with few other options
> at present.  VNC works quite acceptably with dialup (slow, but
> survivable), and I'd like to find something else that was usable over
> dialup (PCNow is slow as death).
> Suggestions?
> Or am I simply being paranoid?  It seems to me only once in some nine
> months have I actually needed a backup service.  Should I just drop PCNow
> and hope for the best?  Almost every other aspect of Dad's system and
> setup is in sort of precarious balance anyway... given that we're several
> hundred miles apart.
> Thanks for any/all replies...
> Peter B.
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