Alternatives To VNC... (Backup Remote Access)

Peter Bunn bunnz at
Tue May 12 14:17:38 BST 2009


I've been using VNC over SSH to access my Dad's computer for a number of 
months now.  The setup has proven quite reliable, but I'd like to have a 
parallel remote access method in place in case the VNC/SSH link should 
fail for some reason.  (My Dad is elderly and could not assist with setup 
of another service in that event.)

I used PCNow originally to set up the VNC and retained the service as a 
backup, but I've been having some problems with it (PCNow) recently 
(merely testing the connection to ensure it's working).  I'm also paying 
a monthly fee for the service, which, given the poor performance, I'm 
reluctant to continue doing.

Can anyone suggest an alternate, secure, reliable remote connection 

I'd need it to run (effectively) as a service on my Dad's Windows XP 
machine, so that it's always available... I am on a Mac.  I can't use 
Windows RDC, as Dad's system is XP Home... and outdated at that.

Though my Dad has broadband, I'm still on dialup, with few other options 
at present.  VNC works quite acceptably with dialup (slow, but 
survivable), and I'd like to find something else that was usable over 
dialup (PCNow is slow as death).


Or am I simply being paranoid?  It seems to me only once in some nine 
months have I actually needed a backup service.  Should I just drop PCNow 
and hope for the best?  Almost every other aspect of Dad's system and 
setup is in sort of precarious balance anyway... given that we're several 
hundred miles apart.

Thanks for any/all replies...

Peter B.


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