VNC List has been down for maintenance

VNC List Owner vnc-list-owner at
Tue May 12 10:05:00 BST 2009

Dear VNCers,

As you may have noticed, the VNC Mailing List has been unavailable
since April 16th.  Following some essential maintenance, we've brought
it back online today.  Two things to be aware of:

* Messages sent to the list in the meantime are NOT going to be
  dispatched.  If you have sent a message to the list since April 16th
  then you may wish to re-send it now to see it properly delivered.

* The email address from which you send mails MUST be subscribed to
  the list first, otherwise your mail will be silently dropped.
  You can check that your address is subscribed via the options page:

We apologise for any inconvenience this unexpected downtime may have caused.


The VNC Team

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