Connection refused (10061)

Ricardo Stella stella at
Fri Jun 12 18:17:50 BST 2009

A few things...

I assume that since you built it, the XP firewall was opened for the
incoming port (5900 as default)...

However, the port could be blocked by:

a) Any router/switch the XP host is attached to
b) The Hughes 'modem' does not allow incoming IP connections
c) Hughes itself is blocking it before the signal is being set to the sky

Remember Hughes is very different than DSL/Cable/Fiber connections...

My .02...

James Weatherall wrote:
> Ray,
> The definition of Windows error 10061 is "Connection refused".  It indicates that there *is* a computer on the IP address you connected to, but that it isn't running any service (VNC or otherwise) on the specified port.  That most commonly means that VNC isn't running, or that the IP address refers to the wrong computer.
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> Wez @ RealVNC Ltd
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>> Sent: 12 June 2009 17:46
>> Subject: Connection refused (10061)
>> The host machine is running WXP and free RealVNC 4.1.3.  I built it at
>> this location and delivered it to the host location.  It is connected
>> to
>> Hughes satellite.  I also created a DYNDNS account for the host -
>> On the client here, using the same version RealVNC viewer under WXP I
>> get "unable to connect to host: Connection refused (10061)".  I tried
>> both DYNDNS and the IP from that was transmitted by
>> phone
>> from the host.
>> I cannot find a definition for "10061".
>> Ideas?
>> TY
>> Ray
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