Cannot VNC into office from home desktop computer

troescher troescher at
Wed Aug 19 21:17:46 BST 2009

I have been using RealVNC for years so feel pretty familiar with it, however
I cannot figure out a problem I am having.
I have the VNC server software running on my office PC.  I can connect from
home to my office PC from both of my laptop computers with no difficulty.
But I cannot connect to the office from my desktop computer.  I can make a
VNC connection from my desktop computer to my laptop and from my laptop to
my desktop (using internal IP addresses).  Therefore it doesn't seem that
this is a NAT or router or firewall problem because I am able to make an
internal connection.  The laptops are wireless going through a router and
the desktop uses an ethernet cable, however I can't see how that would make
a difference since my desktop, going through the router can VNC connect to
the laptops.
The difficulty appeared after I reinstalled Windows on a new hard drive.  As
I recall the inability to connect didn't happen for a couple of days.  It
was working fine for a while.  Another thing I did do that was different was
change versions of Windows, from Windows XP to the Home edition, but that
still doesn't explain why I can make an internal IP VNC connection but not
an external one, and the laptops can make an external one going through the
same router with it settings.  I've turned off the desktop firewall to see
if that will make a difference but it hasn't.
If anyone knows how to fix, I'd appreciate letting me know.

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