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	I assume that you are trying to access your 2 XP PCs via Internet. Consider, for 
instance, the PC1 has the IP (VNC display 0) and the PC2 has the IP 
(VNC display 0). On the router, you'll can setup up the following "port forwarding":
*   extrenal router IP, port 5900 ->, port 5900
*   external router IP, port 5901 ->, port 5900

	In this case, to access into the PC1 you'll have to start a VNC session to "external 
router IP" and to acccess into the PC2 you'll have to start a VNC session to "external router 
IP:1". With this configuration the VNC comunications aren't secure,  are unencrypted.

	You can use the same logic using an "SSH tunnelling" connection to secure 
the VNC sessions.

	An other way is to start a VNC session into the PC1 and then starting from this PC 
an other VNC session to the PC2. Is simple but not so good for the performance.

	The last method is (theorically) using the software "EchoVNC", but 	
unfortunately I don't know how it works.


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Hi Claudio,
I´m sorry I don´t understand what you´re trying to say. Could you kindly explain step by 
step? I configured the VNC Server to port 5900 for computer 1 and 5901 for computer 2. I 
can connect to computer 1 fine, but when I try connecting to computer 2, it connects to 
computer 1. Both computers are connected behind the same NAT router.


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>I am using VNC Personal Free Edition 4.1 as a VNC Server in a desktop 
>server, which is working fine. I also have a desktop workstation connected 
>to the server via a wired router I am using widow xp pro on both desktops. I 
>have dynamic ip address so I am using No-Ip. How do I set up for VNC Server 
>on the workstation so I can access it remotely, as well as the server? 
You can try using a port forwarding software (like is possible via an SSH encrypted 
connection), using the software "EchoVNC" or using a double VNC connection (1st VNC 
connection with the Server, and then a 2nd VNC connection from the server towards the 
workstation). Using the port forwarding method the logic is: 
·display "0", port "5900" -> server VNC; 
·display "1", port 5901 -> server port forwarded -> workstation. 

>Dean Giang 

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