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Alex Pelts alexp at
Thu Aug 20 21:47:29 BST 2009

There is also various ARM options. You can get an arm computer which is
small and efficient. IMHO you would have trouble with software and be
better off picking up a used laptop from DELL. For ~$300 you can get
laptop that would serve your purpose.

Brian M. Godfrey wrote:
>> All the technology I know of for remote terminal stuff is not very cost
>> effective for a single terminal. Unless you have more than one to
>> setup, a cheap / used PC would probably be the better choice if all you
>> want it for is running a VNC session.
>    Thanks to everyone for the input.  
>    But what is cost effective?  We have been using a laptop intermittently,
> but it generates too much heat to run it all day in our small, poorly vented
> receiving area with no AC.  There is also too little space for a recycled
> full-size PC, though I could probably screw a laptop to the wall behind the
> monitor.  The laptop we are currently using occasionally for this job is
> always in the way.  The keyboard is on a pullout tray along with a trackball
> (takes less space than a mouse.)
>    I'm not so much looking for a pre-packaged solution as for a tiny little
> computer with some standard connectors on it and which I can load with Linux
> if it isn't already there.  
>    Thanks,
> --Brian M. Godfrey
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