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Panel PCs are always an option. They are an entire computer embedded into a slightly thicker than average LCD monitor. They are touchscreen too so you can get rid of the mouse. Most of them run on a Flash card but some have built in hard drives. Nearly all are industrial rated so you don't have to worry about dust or heat.

Mike Zimmermann

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> All the technology I know of for remote terminal stuff is not very cost
> effective for a single terminal. Unless you have more than one to
> setup, a cheap / used PC would probably be the better choice if all you
> want it for is running a VNC session.

   Thanks to everyone for the input.  
   But what is cost effective?  We have been using a laptop intermittently,
but it generates too much heat to run it all day in our small, poorly vented
receiving area with no AC.  There is also too little space for a recycled
full-size PC, though I could probably screw a laptop to the wall behind the
monitor.  The laptop we are currently using occasionally for this job is
always in the way.  The keyboard is on a pullout tray along with a trackball
(takes less space than a mouse.)
   I'm not so much looking for a pre-packaged solution as for a tiny little
computer with some standard connectors on it and which I can load with Linux
if it isn't already there.  

--Brian M. Godfrey

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