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Thu Aug 20 14:13:27 BST 2009

All the technology I know of for remote terminal stuff is not very cost effective for a single terminal. Unless you have more than one to setup, a cheap / used PC would probably be the better choice if all you want it for is running a VNC session.


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Subject: Remote terminal

     I'd like a small piece of hardware which would have two USB ports for
  keyboard and mouse, one video port, power connector and wireless.  The
  purpose would be to create a terminal in a back room which would only be
  used for remotely logging in to a Windows XP-Pro or Vista Business computer
  in another location via the wireless router in our store.  I am assuming
  that it would have a Linux OS and that I would use VNC to make the remote
     Does anyone know of such a device?
  --Brian M. Godfrey
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