Claudio Coletta c.coletta at
Thu Aug 13 01:48:01 BST 2009

> Hi,
>  I am using VNC Personal Free Edition 4.1 as a VNC Server in a desktop
> server, which is working fine. I also have a desktop workstation connected
> to the server via a wired router I am using widow xp pro on both desktops. I
> have dynamic ip address so I am using No-Ip. How do I set up for VNC Server
> on the workstation so I can access it remotely, as well as the server?
	You can try using a port forwarding software (like is possible via an SSH encrypted 
connection), using the software "EchoVNC" or using a double VNC connection (1st VNC 
connection with the Server, and then a 2nd VNC connection from the server towards the 
workstation). Using the port forwarding method the logic is:
*   display "0", port "5900" -> server VNC;
*   display "1", port 5901 -> server port forwarded -> workstation.

> Regards
> Dean Giang

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