No prompt for VNC password and creates a new session everytime.

Sushma Shankar nikaaya at
Mon Aug 10 23:57:06 BST 2009


I am running a VNC server on a linux red hat at work  and VNC client on Windows vista from home. When I try to connect to the server (hostname:0), it does not prompt me for a VNC password, it takes me directly to my linux username and password. Once I login to linux, it looks like a new session is created because I dont see my open files and when I try to open my Vmware, it complains about a locked file. 

How do I get it to take me to the same session on my desktop? I expect to see the same desktop that I have left open at work. It was working fine a week ago and then rather suddenly it changed and stopped asking me for a vnc password. 

I also tried creating another session by issuing vncserver command.. and this one looks like its using both :1 and :2. I try to login to :1 I get an auth error and :2 logs me in correctly (with VNC password) but this is still not the session that  I have left open on my linux desktop at work.

Please help me out if you have any idea about what is going on.

Thanks in advance!


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