VNC server not listening on port 5800, 5801, etc. - Cannot connect via http

Mike Miller shelzmike at
Thu Aug 6 20:03:44 BST 2009

I am new to both Linux and VNC, but so far have been able to set up VNC
properly on Fedora 11. I am able to connect locally using the client/server
setup. However, I want to be able to connect via http. I understand that the
vncserver listens on port 5903 (my display is 3), and should listen on the
5800 + N range for the java viewer using http. 


Well, I cannot connect using http. I have checked and triple checked all my
firewall (router and on the linux box) setting and am forwarding 5903 and
5803 (tcp). I checked in my vncservers config file and DO NOT have the
-nohttpd variable listed, so it should be listening on port 5800 +N right?
So I ran a netstat -tulp | grep vnc and this is what I got:


tcp        0      0 *:5903                      *:*
LISTEN      1791/Xvnc           

tcp        0      0 *:6003                      *:*
LISTEN      1791/Xvnc           

tcp        0      0 *:vnc-server                *:*
LISTEN      2163/vino-server    

tcp        0      0 *:6003                      *:*
LISTEN      1791/Xvnc   


So apparently, it is not even listening on those ports for the http view,
hence my problem. Am I missing something simple here? Is there some way (or
variable) that gets the vncserver to listen on those ports?







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