Vista 64 bit using WinVNC 4.1.3

Ryo Koyama rkoyama at
Mon Aug 10 22:48:11 BST 2009

UltraVNC works with Vista64bit, so you could give that a go.

We've got it built into Yoics, so you can also try it that way.  Works
also via the web - so can access from any browser.



> I am currently trying to use WinVNC 4.1.3 to connect from an XP Pro machine to a Vista Home 64 bit machine.
> The viewer seems to connect to the server(I also tried this as "User Mode" as some blogs suggest) as the password authentication comes up.  As soon as I enter the password I get a message that the viewer was unexpectedly disconnected.......
> Any solutions out there for wonderful Vista Home 64bit?
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